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Corpse Husband Talks Girlfriend, Lil Nas X, And The Inevitable Face Reveal

Corpse Husband (23) is undoubtedly one of the internet’s most talked-about personalities nowadays. His following reaches a massive 12 million on all social media platforms combined. But, despite being a modern-day internet sensation, his true identity still remains unknown to the general public. Recently, Corpse engaged on one of his infrequent online Q&A’s and addressed a few interesting topics, including having a girlfriend and ditching his faceless disguise against his will.

Corpse Opens Up On Sensitive Topics Via Instagram Stories

The twenty-three-year-old singer and songwriter, who gained enormous popularity thanks to his viral #onlyhands hashtag, turned to his Instagram account (@corpse_husband) to answer a few of the most burning fan questions. Corpse’s Q&A took place on February 10th and drew extensive attention to his account due to the sensitive topics being covered.

Corpse Covered A Few Sensitive Topics On His Most Recent Instagram Q&A

The social media personality posted a picture via his stories inviting fans to ask him pretty much anything adding, and we quote:’ Fu** it. Ask me whatever. Probably sensitive topics depending on what people ask.’ And, of course, Corpse didn’t have a minute to waste as questions started rolling in immediately after his story went live.

Revealing His Current Relationship Status

Although Corpse covered loads of touchy subjects, including describing one of the lowest points in his life, people were ultimately focused on finding out his current relationship status. As promised, Corpse didn’t hold back at all and gave his following what they wanted by supplementing his story with the following phrase – ‘I don’t want one.’ Corpse Revealed He’s Single At The Moment And Doesn’t Want To Be In A Relationship Any Time Soon

This caused people to, once again, go on a rant on different social media apps speculating if Corpse could indeed be part of the LGBTQ+ community. As far as we can tell the online sensation has never addressed his sexuality online, so it’s hard to determine if these assumptions could, in fact, be accurate.

Attracted To Lil Nas X’s Now Infamous Breast Photo

The owner of the untypically low-pitched voice continued the Q&A by posting another ambiguous answer expressing fondness towards rapper Lil Nas X’s (21) now-infamous breast photo. Yeah, you read that right! Corpse was asked by a fan if he still wants to get big mommy milkers just like the rapper and his answer was just as confusing as the question.

Lil Nas X’s Now-Infamous Breast Photo Has A Special Place In Corpse’s Heart

Corpse said, and we quote:’ Yeah, absolutely fuc**** right!’ No explanation followed as to why the ‘White Tee’ singer expressed such liking of Lil Nas X’s pair of bigger-than-life knockers so… We’ll just have to see where this goes from here, right?

Corpse Says His Identity Reveal Is Pretty Much Inevitable

But all jokes aside, Corpse touched on a very serious topic further along the Q&A having to do with his long-awaited identity reveal. You’d probably agree with us saying that it’s pretty surprising Corpse has managed to keep his real face undercover up until reaching this level of recognition online.

When asked about the main reasons why he is so resistant to giving his fans a glimpse of his actual face, Corpse told his following, and we quote:’ Basically it will happen inevitably against my will. Loads of people think it’s like a business thing, but I just deeply fuc**** hate my face! And people’s expectations at this point are ridiculous.’

Corpse’s fans also asked him if he would ever consider showing some of his tattoos on camera to which the YouTuber answered as follows:

Pictures Of Corpse’s Tattoos Will Probably Never Surface The Internet

What do you think regarding the pressure being put on Corpse to finally give in and reveal the mystery behind his facial appearance? And should people be more considerate towards the ‘Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life’ singer and songwriter’s privacy? Don’t be shy and share your opinions on Corpse Husband’s most recent Instagram Q&A in our comments section!

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