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Corpse Husband Has Lived For Years With Chronic Illness

Although he’s been on the internet since 2015, YouTuber Corpse Husband’s popular gaming and horror finds his content skyrocketing in popularity in 2020, mainly thanks to his popular Among Us game streams. The success of Corpse is partially due to his unusually deep voice, lulling audiences as he tells horror stories or comments on his gaming livestreams on his YouTube channel.

But part of the reason why the voice of Corpse is so deep is actually due to a chronic disease with which he had to cope.

Owing To Flare-Ups, Corpse Husband Has Previously Taken Breaks From Posting.

Many people dealing with chronic disease realize that flare-ups can occur without notice and have a significant effect on everyday life, often bringing it to a complete standstill. Corpse tweeted to his followers on Dec. 22, apologizing for worrying during a livestream with his fans.

“Sorry if I worried anyone earlier,” he tweeted to his 2.1 million Twitter followers. “For those of you who don’t know, I’m chronically ill and have been for years. I’m in pain every single day.”


Photos that Corpse Husband posted on his IG feed without showing his face

Credit :@corpse_husband, Instagram

“It’s something that I constantly try to overcome, but sometimes it just gets too overwhelming,” he continued. “I’m all good tho, thank you for everything.”

Apparently on the livestream, Corpse struggled to remain on for the entire duration; he was quickly told by his fans that they respected him, even though he had to take it easy while playing.

To cope with his chronic illnesses, Corpse previously had to take breaks from the internet, explaining some gaps in his content.

What’s The Chronic Illnesses Of Corpse Husband?

Corpse has briefly discussed online his problems with his chronic Illnesses, but he has never made a whole video explaining his personal condition. Corpse has steadily exposed more about himself to audiences through a series of livestreams and Instagram posts, admitting that with these illnesses he has suffered for much of his life.

During a stream, he said that he had been absent from his channel for some time because Fibromyalgia had recently been diagnosed.

Watch the livestream video where corpse addressed his chronic illness by clicking on the link below:


“February, I woke up one day… and I lost feeling in my arm. I don’t want to say I lost feeling completely, because I could still move it and everything, but it started in my right wrist really bad,” Corpse said during a livestream in May 2019 after not posting for months. “It started traveling from my hand up to my elbow… and then it traveled up to my shoulder.”

The numbness spread from one arm to the other, and he said he was unable to lift any of his arms eventually. After numerous examinations were conducted by the physicians (and Corpse claims they were persuaded that it was not Fibromyalgia), they finally concluded that he did indeed have the disease of pain processing.

The depth of his voice has also been said by Corpse to be the product of Gastroesophageal reflux disease, another disease he has lived with for much of his life.

“It’s been like this since I was like 12. I remember I used to call myself out of middle school,” he joked on Instagram. “If I had to answer how [my voice got so deep], I would say a combination of genetics and also a health condition I have called GERD.”

Corpse has acknowledged that these chronic illnesses affect him greatly every day, despite much of his work being done online from the comfort of his home, and are often the reason why he can’t upload regularly.


Corpse Husband tweeted to his fans to let them know that he is okay

Credit :@Corpse_Husband, Twitter

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