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Colleen Ballinger Shares Devastating News Of Her Second Pregnancy

Colleen Ballinger (34) uploaded a video titled ‘I’ll be okay’ on her vlogging channel ‘Colleen Vlogs’ on February 8th to share some really devastating news with the online community. The YouTuber, vlogger, comedian and author who is best known for her quirky internet character of Miranda Sings, touched on a very personal topic this Monday. The momma of one revealed her second pregnancy, which she had already documented on her vlogging channel, is no longer viable due to having gone through pregnancy loss.

Ballinger Talks Traumatic Experience And Fear Of Falling Pregnant Again

In a nearly ten-minute-long YouTube video, the thirty-four-year-old social media personality opened up about dealing with going through a miscarriage despite the hopes of becoming a momma of two. Colleen, who gave birth to her firstborn son Flynn Timothy Stocklin (2) in 2018, expressed feeling extremely low after losing her second baby super early in the process.

Ballinger said, and we quote: ‘Even though I hate being pregnant and my first time was extremely traumatic with Flynn. When I found out I was pregnant, I was scared to be pregnant again, but I was also really excited to have another baby. But then I had a miscarriage.’

According to Colleen, her first pregnancy test turned out to be positive. The positive result was then followed by two negative ones regardless of her experiencing very intense pregnancy symptoms such as extreme nausea and severe fatigue.

Although the YouTuber was pretty open regarding her overall experience during this heartbreaking time, Colleen chose not to address the chain of events leading up to the miscarriage. Instead, she reassured herself by saying early pregnancy loss is surprisingly common among women of all ages, and there’s nothing she could have possibly done to prevent it from happening.


Hating Pregnancy Doesn’t Make Miscarriage Feel Less Painful

It’s no secret that Colleen has always had mixed feelings towards expecting as such in general. The influencer has, in fact, said she hates pregnancy due to her traumatizing experience while being pregnant with baby Flynn. However, she clarified that her feelings concerning being pregnant should never imply that she doesn’t want another kid. Or even worse, suggest that her miscarriage felt less painful because of that.

All through the video, Ballinger was clearly trying her best to hold the tears back from splashing all over her face. ‘I will be okay. I am okay. I already am so grateful for this experience. I’ve learned so much from it,’ said the lovely YouTuber.

Colleen continued by saying, and we quote:’ I’m grateful for how much I’ve learned about women. How amazing women are. That they go through this every day all the time and still have to go through life. The world keeps spinning, and they have got to keep going.’

Despite having gone through so much recently, Ballinger was keen on keeping posting on her vlog channel daily or at least whenever she feels like doing so.


Colleen With Her And Her Husband’s Erik Stocklin’s First Born Son Flynn Timothy Stocklin

Credit :@colleen, Instagram

Colleen’s Following Shares Their Pregnancy Loss Stories

Ballinger’s name also appeared to be trending on Twitter on February 8th, as her supporters sent unconditional love and enormous amounts of support her and her family’s way. Some of her followers even went as far as sharing their miscarriage experiences in her comments section in hopes that it would make Colleen feel less alone. See what else people had to say regarding Ballinger’s situation below:


Colleen’s Following Was Very Supportive Of Her Decision To Make Her Miscarriage Story Public

Credit :@Colleen Vlogs, YouTube

The vlogger also used the opportunity to thank everyone for the supportive messages she’s received via her Twitter account (@ColleenB123).


Ballinger Thanked Her Fans Via Her Twitter Account On February 8th

Credit :@ColleenB123, Twitter

What do you think of Colleen’s decision to share the devastating news with the whole world? And should the influencer feel less hurried to make a reappearance online after dealing with losing her baby? Feel free to comment down below!

P.S. Our best wishes go out to Colleen and her family in this very challenging time. Keep striving, momma!

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