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Claudia Conway Appears On American Idol, Talks Suppressed Feelings

The sixteen-year-old daughter of high profile lawyer George Conway (57) and ex-White House adviser Kellyanne Conway (54), has made her debut on one of the most famous American TV singing competitions aka American Idol. Claudia’ audition tape came as a surprise for most of her social media following. And so did the fact the teenager got two yeses out of three which earned her a ticket to go straight to Hollywood. Find out surprising details regarding Claudia’s audition alongside her feelings towards her restrictive childhood experiences below!

Claudia Releases A Sneak Peak On Her TikTok Account

A sneak peek of Claudia’s debut on the world-famous singing competition was posted on her personal TikTok account (@claudiamconway) on February 15th. The clip in question is about 8 seconds long and features Miss Conway’ conversation with judge and pop star Katy Perry (36).

In the video, the sixteen-year-old social media star is recognized by Perry thanks to some of her viral TikTok uploads concerning her and her mother’s Kellyanne Conway’s iffy relationship. Claudia is asked by Katy if she’s feeling okay to which the teen answers and we quote: ‘’No but yes. ‘’ Hmm, pretty unconvincing if you ask us!




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Attending The Audition With Her High Profile Dad

Claudia’ situation has been a mess right from the beginning since rumors surfaced she is being treated poorly by her own mother. However, hers and her dad’s relationship seems to be rather normal from what we can tell so far. So much so that her dad accompanied the teenager to her big debut in front of judges Lionel Richie (71), Luke Bryan (44) and previously mentioned ‘’Roar’’ singer Katy Perry.

But let’s move on to the actual audition, shall we? Claudia chose to perform her interpretations of Rihanna’ ‘’Love On The Brain’’ alongside Adele’ ‘’When We Were Young.’’ Although the first song didn’t seem to be a hit with the panel of vocal judges, Conway’ second attempt pleasantly surprised two of the panelists.

‘’There’s a lot of noise in your life. You have to calm the storm that is around you. Meaning before you sing, you need to get off your phone and stop reading your comments. Push it aside. Cause if not, you may not ever rise above your dad or your mom. It’s your choice,’’ said Perry when describing the fear factor that somehow limits Claudia’ abilities on stage.


TikToker Talks Tough Upbringing And Suppressed Feelings

Claudia’ American Idol debut also included her taking a look back at her hard upbringing due to her parents being such high profile political figures. Conway told American Idol, and we quote: ‘’ I had to move to Washington DC when I was 12. And I hated it. When your mom is working for the president of the United States whom you very much disagree with…It’s very hard.’’


Claudia Describes Her And Her Mother’ Relationship As Iffy

Credit :@EveningStandard

She continued by admitting her true feelings have been suppressed for most of her life, adding her social media accounts helped her develop her own voice. Claudia also touched on how music has always been her savior when life is starting to go downhill. ‘’I just want to get out of the controversy and out of the drama and let everyone know that I am a singer and this is what I want to do,’’ she concluded.

Fans Comment On Kellyanne Conway’ Two-Faced Personality

But of course, Claudia’ freshly released audition tape didn’t come drama free. Oh no! Soon after the clip was released on American Idol’ official YouTube account, Claudia’ support group engaged in a heated discussion regarding her mother. Kellyanne appeared in the episode shortly before Claudia’ big moment via a video call. And guess what? Claudia’ following didn’t take that lightly!


Claudia’ Supporters Expressing Their Opinion On Her Mother’ Strange Behavior

Credit :@American Idol, YouTube

People were pretty upset with Mrs. Conway putting on a completely different face as to what Claudia’ following was used to while watching her TikTok videos. That caused viewers to direct unkind phrases Kellyanne’ way concerning her ever-changing two-faced personality traits.

What are your thoughts on Claudia Conway’ heartfelt performance entering the new season of American Idol? Will the drama surrounding her and her mother Kellyanne Conway leave an enormous imprint on her yet to be heard singing acts? Share your expert opinion in our comments section!

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