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Chriselle Lim and Volvo’s Campaign Fail

Chriselle Lim, a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram joined hands with Volvo in an attempt to promote the company’s latest vehicle to her followers.

In a professional video she created with her family she talked about the environment and safety. A message which received a lot of backlash due to the different beliefs she and Volvo promotes. Lim’s followers were quick to criticize her posts for clearly being sponsored and not authentic.

Many people questioned Volvo’s decision to work with an influencer whose belief system was worlds apart from the company’s morals and beliefs.

Valuable Lesson For Lim’s and Volvo

This failed campaign proved that Volvo needed to come up with tactics that don’t look staged and the importance of selecting the right influencer to provide the right message to his/her


Chriselle Lim posing for photoshoot

@chrisellelim, Instagram

following base. This failed campaign highlights the importance of Lim’s to stick to what made her popular and not to take on projects in which she doesn’t share the same beliefs.

Chriselle Lim failed to bring the required attention to the campaign because the content she posted about the campaign appeared fake and sponsored by her followers.


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