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Chase Hudson Stars In Machine Gun Kelly’s Movie ‘Downfalls High’

IMDb by Chase Hudson also includes his first acting credit. In a movie named Downfalls High, the TikTok star known as Lil Huddy makes his debut. The film, directed by rappers and artists Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun, is a musical that premiered in January 2021 on Facebook Watch.

Chase Hudson starring in Machine Gun Kelly's new movie 'Downfalls High'
Chase Hudson starring in Machine Gun Kelly’s new movie ‘Downfalls High’

TikTok’s Lip sync vids don’t really translate well into singing IRL, but Chase has a whole musical talent team around him to support him through it all. Plus, he himself also makes music.

The film premiered on Machine Gun Kelly’s Facebook for the first time, but now the entire film can also be seen for free on his YouTube channel in full.

What Is ‘Downfalls High’ About?

Chase stars in this film alongside Sydney Sweeney and plays a guy named Fenix. He’s a fairly quiet high school kid who’s getting bullied and he’s a little bit rebellious. He meets Sydney’s character, Scarlett, who, as a common girl in school, is the complete opposite. As they struggle with their ups and downs while facing the pressures of high school life, the movie follows their relationship.

The film tells its tale through the song ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ by Machine Gun Kelly. He narrates the movie together with Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker, who also plays the drums for the songs in the movie.

Chase Hudson featuring in 'Downfalls High'
Chase Hudson featuring in ‘Downfalls High’

In an interview with SiriusXM, Machine Gun Kelly talked about how this movie stands out from other love stories. “You know, I’m sick of people treating love like it’s trivial,” he said. “Right? That we can just move past it. Because if it’s real love, you can’t move past it and you shouldn’t move past it.”

Downfalls High also features the music from “Tickets to My Downfall,” which he released last year. In an interview with NME, he referred to what we now know to be Downfalls High as “a new pop-punk Grease.

Chase Hudson’s First Single Has Also Been Released

Chase puts more on his resume than Downfalls High. He released his debut single “21st Century Vampire.” in January 2021. Chase said in a statement that music is a way for people to understand who he really is outside of the fame of TikTok.

It’s okay to be different,” he said. “That’s the message I’m relaying. In a lot of ways, I’m a very misunderstood kid too. People don’t know the whole story or who I really am. I’ve always wanted to be my full self. Music is my way to finally show them.”

The song already has a music video on top of that, and Chase has been signed to Immersive / Geffen Records. The video has been seen more than 1.4 million times so far, is trending on Twitter, and even has merchandise.

On his Instagram, Chase thanked his fans for supporting him. “Shooting this video was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had,” he said on a post featuring his song. “Thank you for directing this [Joseph Kahn] and thanks to everyone who helped bring my vision to life.”

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