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Charly Jordan’s Travel Mishap To Rwanda After Testing Positive For Covid

Charly Jordan is a well known TikTok influencer with almost two million followers on TikTok, and with over 100 thousand YouTube subscribers.

Charly came into the influencer spotlight after traveling to Rwanda during the pandemic, and filmed herself on TikTok crying for being placed in quarantine out there.

Charly’s Mishap In Rwanda

The whole situation began when Charly uploaded a since deleted TikTok video from Rwanda, where she travelled to in the beginning of September. In a very emotional TikTok video she said,

Literally the f—ing government showed up at my place, and came and dragged me away from everybody I was with, and I don’t speak the language, and they locked me in this f—ing rok, and I can’t leave


She also added, “I don’t know how long I’m going to be here, and they won’t tell me anything.”

Charly was criticized by many of her followers and were quick to point out that she shouldn’t be travelling in the first place during this pandemic, some followers even called her TikTok ignorant.
Another TikTok video of Charly was uploaded after the situation escalated, and she explained what had happened, and also her side of the story.

She said, “I want to let you know I did everything by the books in accordance to the Rwanda government and the US government in order to make this a safe trip.

Charly told her fans, “Upon taking another test to leave the country we took another test and my results came back positive in which case we were immediately quarantined. I was given another test less than ten hours later which came back negative.


I’m sorry for how fast it is! But wanted to clear some things up in under a minute 🙂

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Charly’s Apology Video

After facing all the backlash and criticism she uploaded an apology video on her Instagram story addressing the situation.

She said, “The video I uploaded to TikTok was very emotional. I never meant to offend anyone and I take full responsibility for my actions. I got seperated from my group and was confused because of the language barrier, and should’ve educated myself more before travelling. I should’ve thought about what I was doing before reacting, I’ve learned my lesson, and I know I shouldn’t have travelled during this time. I will do better in the future.”

Charly continued saying, “I was alone and scared and watching it back I realise how inappropriate and reactive the video was. I never meant to offend anyone, I was just

trying to figure out what was going on for a few days while I was alone and getting no answers. I truly am sorry. I took down the video because after watching it back I realised how inappropriate it was.


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