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Charlie D’Amelio Accused Of Scamming Fans

Yes! It’s Hypelyne at it again with our daily updates on the hottest influencer news, and today we’re ready to dive into the latest Charli D’Amelio drama once again. The 16-year-old Tik Toker can’t seem to get a break and has spent a few very scandalous weeks due to crazy Tik Tok drama. This time around her fans and even their parents are very upset over a Zoom call event, which took place on Saturday, December 5th. The event sold out in minutes, but not everyone who purchased their ticket got to chat with their beloved Tik Toker. Keep on reading to find out more!

The ‘Essentially Charli’ Drama

The previously mentioned Zoom call event was supposed to go hand in hand with Charli’s first book release called ‘’Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide Of Keeping It Real’’. To take part in the virtual event and get a chance to ask Charli a few of the most burning questions regarding her first book fans had to purchase tickets with the price ranging anywhere from twenty to sixty-five dollars. It’s unclear why some of the tickets were more expensive than the others as every participant had equal chances to get their questions answered. As soon as the event was marked as ‘sold out’ Charli’s fans took over social media to let everybody know how excited they were for meeting their favourite online superstar. But little did they know that the event was about to take a different road than initially expected.

Fans Unable To Join The Meeting

The drama kicked off when a bunch of people announced that they were unable to join the call despite having paid money for it. The left out fans felt deeply upset, to say the least, and are now referring to Charli’s virtual event as a scam. It’s unclear why a lot of people weren’t able to join the meeting as neither Charli nor her team has commented on the situation as of yet. Some Twitter users suggested that the problem might have been the fact that the meeting had reached maximum zoom call capacity before everyone got their chance to join. Whatever it might have been Charli’s fans agree that her team should have been more prepared for the large number of people wanting to take part in the particular event. The shame is on them!

Getting Serious Backlash Over The Event

And the drama regarding Charli D’Amelio’s virtual book event didn’t stop there! Oh, no! Even some of the people who got to virtually hang out with the viral Tik Toker weren’t completely satisfied with the way that the event was held. ‘’I paid thirty dollars for a Zoom to meet Charli for her not to answer any of my questions and I asked fourteen questions!’’ – wrote one of the Charli’s zoom event attendees. Others used their online platforms to express their disappointment in Charli’s and her team’s decision to charge young fans for a chance to chat with their idol online insisting that the meeting should have been held for free:

Charli D’Amelio’s virtual book event didn’t stop there

Are Charli D’Amelio and her team wrong for charging her underaged fanbase for a chance to meet the insanely popular Tik Toker via Zoom? Don’t be shy and share your opinion on the topic in our comments section!

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