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Channon Rose Shares Extremely Private Details About Her 2nd Pregnancy

Let’s be totally honest here – who doesn’t love a daily dose of Channon Rose? See what we did there? Channon is a true American sweetheart and her Youtube channel has been a big hit especially since she gave birth to her first IVF baby named Snow Rose.

The Crazy Pregnancy Rumours Are True

Recently Channon shared an emotional post on her Instagram account where she informs her followers about some extremely private details regarding her 2nd pregnancy. As announced previously, Channon is indeed expecting a baby boy. But is this pregnancy going to be as crazy as her last one? The 35-year-old beauty & lifestyle influencer is very open about her experience and says that she has had to shed a lot of tears lately.

A Recipe For Disaster

The caption under Channon’s latest Instagram post says: ‘’I found out that I have something called Vasa Previa & short cervix. Vasa Previa is a rare & severe complication in pregnancy where some of the fetal umbilical cord blood vessels run very close to the internal opening of the cervix. If one of those vessels ruptured the baby could bleed to death within minutes’’ – explains the mommy to be.

Coming To Terms With Having A Preterm Labour

The current situation is beyond sad, but Channon is doing her best to stay positive. Her preterm labour scare is most likely becoming true and her doctor has already suggested monitoring the pregnancy process very closely. She also admits that her dream of having a natural at-home birth has been completely destroyed. Hang in there, Chan!

To get a full glimpse of what Channon is going through right now, go straight to her latest Instagram post (https://www.instagram.com/p/CHN74sHFLAz/) and give our girl some love!


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