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Carli Bybel Ready To Announce The Gender Of Her Baby

Despite the pandemic, beauty influencers are getting it on as we speak! The latest beauty & lifestyle influencer to announce and confirm their momma to be rumours is no other than the exceptionally beautiful Carli Bybel! The 30-year-old YouTuber initiated a very long Q&A type of session over on her Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/carlibel/). She was finally feeling ready to let her fans in on some of the juiciest details of her pregnancy. And that’s not all! Carli admitted she already knows the gender of the baby and is feeling ready to share the exciting news with the rest of the world.

Bybel Wants At Least 3 Kiddos

Carli’s Instagram fanbase seemed very keen on having the chance to chat and catch up with their dearly beloved idol – the questions were piling in at the speed of light! During the session, Bybel was very open and happy to express her family-related hopes and dreams. Carli confirmed that she would love to have at least 3 children! Wow, girl, slow down, we can barely keep up with your first pregnancy!
Bybel Wants At Least 3 Kiddos

The Gender Reveal Has Been Captured On Video

But let’s get closer to the point, shall we? Carli is nearly 18 weeks pregnant and with the time flying by super-fast she is being faced with the elephant in the room – does she know the gender yet? And the answer is YES! She confirmed that she and her partner (Anthony Tango) already know the baby’s gender and have also managed to share the news with their closest family members. Carli also added that the gender reveal has been captured on video that she will most definitely be posting online when the time is right. We can’t wait!

Mini Carli Or Anthony Junior?

Besides the long-awaited gender reveal, Bybel also addressed the baby name picking process. Wait, what, she’s already done picking? Carli confirms the fact that she and Anthony have already agreed on their baby’s first name. Any guesses? Anabelle, Serena, Benjamin? Whatever it is, it must be something out of the ordinary!

Mini Carli Or Anthony Junior?

Extreme Fatigue And French Toast Cravings

And she’s not done just yet! Carli was super responsive during her IG Q&A session and got very chatty with her followers saying that she has been experiencing weird French toast cravings! ‘’I crave French toast all the damn time!’’ – said the popular American beauty guide. Of course, she also mentioned the downsides of being pregnant like extreme fatigue and annoying mood swings. Hang in there, Carli, we are so happy for you!

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