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Bryce Hall Being Rude Towards Omegle User

You might be wondering what’s happening on Omegle these days? Well, nothing much really except hugely popular Tik Tokers getting cancelled due to their rude behaviour! The latest Omegle drama has turned out to be very spicy for no other than the 21-year-old internet celebrity Bryce Hall. Why is the main face of Sway House the current victim of the poorly reasoned cancel culture, and what is his response to this whole situation? Keep reading for the exclusive behind the scenes details!

Skipping On People When Asked To Donate Money

Skipping On People When Asked To Donate Money
Bryce’s Omegle drama kicked off when a guy called Harris Cole (https://www.tiktok.com/@_harriscole) thought it would be funny to expose Hall for not donating to his charity and skipping on him in the midst of conversation. The Tik user published a very short clip of the chat between him, Bryce and his friends on December 13th showing the quick rejection allegedly coming from Bryce’s side as soon as Cole decided to bring up his charity. Cole seemed to be very upset as to why the popular Tik Toker would skip and supplemented the video with the following caption:

Skipping On People When Asked To Donate Money

Wait, Who’s The Bad Guy Here?

The Omegle drama quickly escalated when Bryce decided to speak up about the situation and reveal that Cole’s intentions weren’t in fact as pure as they might have seemed at first. The influencer published a duet with Harris on his Tik Tok account exposing the real villain behind the drama. It turned out to be a charity donation prank where Harris was trying to get Omegle users to respond to his very absurd charity ideas such as helping reformed sex offenders get jobs babysitting small children. Yes, he went that far! Bryce, however, wasn’t having the outrage and published the messages sent from Cole’s profile addressing the situation. Cole said, and we quote:’’ Ya’ll skipped when I said reformed. It was going to be so good. Was also asking other people to donate to a charity where we help people with contagious warts into the restaurant business as chefs or waiters.’’ See Cole’s full explanation below:

The Omegle drama quickly escalated when Bryce decided to speak up

Pranking Other Tik Tokers For Views And Attention

Besides being exposed by Bryce Hall himself, Harris kept the disturbing storyline active for his next couple of uploads. He insisted that his charity is, in fact, real and that Bryce should definitely have a closer look into it. See Cole’s response video to the fake charity allegations –https://www.tiktok.com/@_harriscole/video/6905513835222813958.


#stitch with @brycehall my man! if y’all had stayed i think you would’ve been stoked to get involved

♬ original sound – harris cole

People weren’t too happy about Cole’s bizarre sense of humour and stood up for Bryce, pointing out that he wasn’t even the one who pressed the skip button in the first place.

Leave your opinion on Bryce Hall’s Omegle situation in the comments section and watch his video exposing the disturbing Omegle pranker by clicking on the following link –https://www.tiktok.com/@brycehall/video/6905497037056314629.


#duet with @_harriscole dang guys im a terrible person… cancel me ):

♬ original sound – harris cole

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