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Bryce Hall And Addison Rae Finally Confirm Their Relationship Status

Well, well, well, look what we have here? Yes, Braddison is finally official! The cutest ever Tik Tok couple did not only just confirm their relationship with an innocent smooch on the mega-popular video-sharing platform but also released pictures from their first couple’s photoshoot on their Instagram accounts! Yes, we know, you’ve been waiting for this day to finally happen!

Magical First Kiss Experience

Addison Rae (20) and Bryce Hall (21) have been hanging out on and off for almost two years now, but all of us have been patiently waiting for the two influencers to finally take their relationship to the next level and make it official. Their eagerly awaited couple’s announcement was supplemented not only with a romantic couple’s photoshoot, but also a nearly six-minute-long Youtube video on Addison’s channel, where the couple shared their emotions about things like their first kissing experience. In the video, Bryce was surprisingly open and revealed that their first kiss seemed very magical to him. ‘’I felt the butterflies in my stomach immediately’’ – said Bryce while answering a few of the most burning Instagram questions. Awww, they’re too cute to be true!


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Dating For Three Whole Days

When it comes to Addison’s and Bryce’s dating history, the couple admitted that it wasn’t always fun and games. Addison revealed that there used to be a period in the beginning at their unofficial relationship when both Tik Tokers used to date for three whole days only to break up and reunite a few days later. Addi referred to the incident as ‘Bryce’s little mishap’, which can only mean one thing – it was Bryce who was responsible for their first breakup moment. Ouch! However, despite Bryce’s tiny hiccup along the way, which the couple didn’t want to fully expose to the public, the two love bugs were relatively quick to reunite and continue their romantic journey together.

Enjoying Their First Couples Photo Shoot Together

Enjoying Their First Couples Photo Shoot Together

In addition to the video named ‘’ The Truth About Us’’, the influencer couple also released smoking hot photos from their first official photoshoot together. The pictures were taken by no other than the popular celebrity photographer Cibelle Levi (@cibellelevi). Bryce even added his own little touch on the meaningful event by writing ‘’baby’’ in the description box next to the photos posted on his Instagram account. These two are so in love, there’s no denying that!

Sharing Their Emotions With Their Fans

Addison also revealed that Bryce asked her to be his girlfriend on October 13th this year. If you do the math, that means they’re already awaiting their two month anniversary together! Addi then went on to say and we quote:’’It’s going to be really interesting to see where this goes’’. It’s clear to say that Braddison’s supporters couldn’t be happier for the two lovebugs. The hashtag #braddison is now trending more than ever on social media, and people are very excited to see more of their relationship online. Here’s what some of their followers had to say about their announcement:
Sharing Their Emotions With Their Fans

Don’t miss out on seeing Braddison’s first kiss online after finally making their relationship official – https://www.tiktok.com/@brycehall/video/6901108963350269190 These two are definitely glowing!


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