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Bryant Eslava Leaves The Hype House For Good

Did you know that during its peak in membership, the Hype House was home to twenty-one members in total? That’s nearly two soccer teams combined! Well, besides becoming a hit on TikTok in 2020, the enormously popular creator collective also lost a bunch of its members, including Daisy Keech (21), Dixie (19), and Charli D’Amelio (16), along with Tony (21) and Odreaz Lopez (23). It seems like Hype House’s official photographer Bryant Eslava (28), is also keeping up with the trend. Bryant announced he’s moving out of the collective’s five million dollar mansion on February 6th and left fans worried regarding his future plans.

Most Followed Influencer Photographer Of The Decade

Bryant Eslava, AKA @bryant on most social media platforms, has been shooting with the most influential online celebrities for years. Meanwhile, the photographer has accumulated an enormous fan base on his Instagram page – 8.2 million followers to be exact. If that doesn’t impress you, nothing will.

Besides Eslava being recognized as the official Hype House photographer, Bryant has also worked with other mega popular social media personalities such as James Charles (21), Larray (22), and Noah Beck (19). His work is being frequently celebrated by every single TikTok star, which has turned Eslava into one of the most followed influencer photographers of the whole decade.


Bryant Is Good Friends With James Charles, Noah Beck, Chase Hudson, Larray And The D’Amelio Sisters

Credit :@bryant, Instagram

Exchanging The Hollywood Mansion For A Central City Apartment

On February 6th, Bryant surprised his supporters by announcing he’s finally moving out of the Hype House’s luxury five million dollar home via his TikTok account (@bryant). The photographer posted a twenty-five-second long clip giving his fans a quick tour through his new Hollywood-based apartment.


/ waiting for my couch to get delivered!! – plus i’m gonna hang prints on the walls & add more furniture 🥳

♬ ramzoid banakula llusion – Ramzoid

Bryant supplemented the video by saying, and we quote:’ Waiting for my couch to get delivered! Plus, I’m gonna hang prints on the walls & add more furniture.’ But despite Bryant having explained his current living situation, fans were obviously worried about something entirely different. Comments such as ‘No longer working with the Hype House?’ and ‘Quitting collabing with the Hype House?’ were being posted under Bryant’s announcement video.

The top influencer photographer took the chance to explain the situation in detail by posting the following comment:

Bryant Explains His Exit Won’t Affect His Work With The Hype House Members

Fans Proud Of Bryant Finally Moving Forward

After finding out Bryant was simply moving out to be more central for his work, people expressed their relief and wished Eslava nothing but the best moving forward. See what Bryant’s following had to say regarding his surprising Hype House exit below:

Bryant’s Followers Expressed Their Liking Towards His New Hollywood-Based Apartment

What do you think of Bryant Eslava finally moving out of Hype House’s five million dollar Los Angeles mansion? Will it be for the best for the sake of his career? We can’t wait to hear your opinions on this one!

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