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Brandon Rogers Is The YouTube Star No One Saw Coming

YouTube is an amazing platform that has provided millions of creators the opportunity to open their homes and personal lives to the entire world. Some creators created a YouTube channel to showcase their talents whether it be singing, dancing, or comedy.

And other creators use the platform to create daily vlogs where they allow subscribers to really get a sneak peek into their day-to-day living.

Brandon Rogers is no different from that. The YouTube star joined the platform in 2006, but didn’t see any real traction on his channel for more than 10 years. Then suddenly, his channel blew up.

As of April 5th, 2019, Brandon has amassed 5 million subscribers and over 760,000,000 total views on his videos. With his popularity skyrocketing the past year, it’s no secret that Brandon’s fans want the inside scoop on his personal life, like is he married?

Brandon Is Happily Single and Openly Gay

Since the start of Brandon’s career he has made it public that he is gay and since then, has been a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community on YouTube. He made it public when he was a guest on the Drinkin’ Bros podcast.

For Brandon it’s not just about being a gay rolemodel, he stated that hr want to make sure that he’s being a YouTuber for everyone and not just the LGBT community.

S@brandonbored, Instagram

Brandon Rogers during a photoshoot for his IG feed

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He told Out Front, “I don’t feel like there are enough queer comedians who reach mainstream audiences. I don’t want to be another one who panders within the inside jokes of the LGBT community. It’s easy to forget that the rest of the world shares an almost entirely different vocabulary than us queers. “YASS” is still the “LMFAO” to the baby-boomers six years ago.”

When it comes to his audience, he feels that being gay is just another characteristic he has rather than the embodiment of his channel.

Brandon added, “I just don’t think it matters that much, given the kind of work I do. I’m not a politician or a teacher. I play s–theads for a living, ones far more twisted than a simple gay.

Brandon Is Career Driven and Not Focused On Marriage

Brandon is solely focusing on his comedy career and not on marriage. He is currently working on a NSFW animated series project called “Hellavua Boss.” Episode 1 of #hellavuaboss is live on YouTube!

He wrote on his IG, “So proud to be part of this, every department did an outstanding job!” “Angry Office” is one of his most famous videos, and a short clip from the video went viral on the late video social media app, Vine.

Brandon won the award for Scripted Series and Acting at the 9th Annual Streamy Awards for his webseries “Blame the Hero.” His talents landed him a collaboration with Comedy Central in 2019 for their “Under the Influencer” program, where he took over the company’s social media platforms for a week.

Fans Often Voice On Twitter How Much They Love Brandon’s Work

Fans often take to Twitter to showcase how much they love the work of Brandon. One fan turned to Brandon’s channel for a quick pick me up. They wrote, “Binge watching all of Brandon Rogers videos, I need a good laugh.”

Another fan worte, “Brandon Rogers and his short films man they’re so bizarre yet he amazingly tells these stories like he had already planned out everywhere from the beginning.”

Do you agree with Brandon’s fans? We definitely do!

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