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Biggest Surprise Of The Week – James Charles Goes Bald

James Charles (21) has been sporting the same black fade haircut for a while now – except when he opts for wearing a wig, of course. Well, it seems like the well-known beauty influencer has finally decided to change it up a bit. Drum roll, please! The twenty-one-year-old YouTube and TikTok star has now gone entirely bald and is loving every minute of it!

Sporting A Completely Different Image Via Instagram Stories

Charles’ new hairdo was first captured on camera by the influencer himself via his Instagram stories (@jamescharles). The social media personality posted a before and after shot of his totally unexpected hairstyle change on February 11th and guess what… he shook the whole internet just like that!


James Admitted His Instagram Stories Have Been Slacking As Of Late

Credit :@jamescharles, Instagram

James supplemented his initial snapshot by admitting that his Instagram stories have been pretty much slacking recently. So what better way to spice them up than with a drastically different change of image. Well, we won’t tease you any longer! Here’s the new and successfully improved James Charles ladies and gentleman!


James’ New Hairdo Without Doubt Surprised The Whole Online Community

Credit :@jamescharles, Instagram

James’ New Do Becomes A Meme On Twitter

Soon after Charles had shown off his new do to the rest of the world, his picture started appearing all over peoples’ Twitter feeds. While some Twitter users were quite pleasantly surprised about his shiny bald-headed appearance, others had different intentions in mind.

The YouTube star’ freshly uploaded selfie was immediately turned into one of those witty Twitter memes. In other words, James’ new cut ended up being put side to side with a picture of Britney Spears’ (39) tragically famous bald-headed mental breakdown photo, which surfaced the internet in 2007. Their cuts sure do look identical!


James’ Bald-Headed Look Reminded Everyone Of Britney Spears’ Appearance Back In Year 2007

Credit :@angeliicarii, Twitter

Talking Jojo Siwa And Recalling His Own Experience Coming Out

Later that day James was spotted by the paparazzi when arriving at the famous Boa Steakhouse. When asked about his hair or rather the absence of it, James revealed, and we quote:’ Just trying something new. Going for a new look. I just did it today.’ Charles also added he managed to shave his head by himself and the process of him doing so will be soon posted on his YouTube channel.

Additionally, Charles was questioned about his feelings towards fellow TikToker JoJo Siwa’ (17) coming out story. James expressed feeling incredibly proud of the ‘NONSTOP’ singer and even recalled his own coming out experience. The influencer told Hollywood Fix, and we quote:’ I came out when I was twelve. It was a long time ago. I kind of always knew, so it was inevitable to be quite honest.’


James Charles Posing For The Paparazzi In Front Of The Boa Steakhouse

Credit :@The Hollywood Fix, YouTube

Charles Reveals His Collaboration Plans For 2021

Furthermore, James disclosed his collaboration plans for the year 2021. It appeared that the social media star would be more than happy to do Gorilla Glue Girl’ aka Tassica Brown’ (40) make up due to her having gone through so much misery removing the industrial adhesive off of her poor head.

And what goes for the long-anticipated James Charles and Nicki Minaj (38) video collab we’ll just have to keep our eyes and ears open. But in the meantime check out James’ full interview with the Hollywood Fix below:


What are your thoughts on James’ new hairless appearance? Yea or nay? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Share your vote on Charles’ DIY model-like bald cut in our comments section – let’s have a chat!

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