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Belle Delphine Violated YouTube Policies And Has Since Been Removed From The Platform

Content creator Belle Delphine struggled to keep her online profiles active after a very public return to the internet.

The creator, whose real name is “Mary-Belle Kirschner,” is best known for selling her “Gamer Girl Bath Water” and explicit cos-play photos. Ever since she returned to the internet, two of her social media profiles had been removed for violating the platforms’ policies. Her YouTube channel is her most recent social media profile that has been terminated.

Why Is Belle’s YouTube Channel Been Banned?


Belle Delphine taking cos-play photos to promote her OnlyFans

Credit : LaDbible, Google

Fans that wanted to watch some of Belle’s YouTube videos from Nov. 23rd have discovered that her channel has been terminated. Now, if you try to gain access to her channel, you’re met with a message saying, “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.

Normally, YouTube’s guidelines require creators to reach a minimum of three strikes against her channel before their account is deleted. Belle claims she did not receive any strikes before her channel was taken down.

Keemstar, a popular drama creator, took to Twitter to tweet about Belle’s channel termination and claimed that her channel had double standards for its content. In an edited video, Keemstar put clips from Belle’s music videos next to clips from other music videos still up on the platform, showing a lot of similarities between the video clips.

Belle tweeted, “Hey @TeamYouTube why was my YouTube account terminated with no warning/no strikes for ‘sexual content’ when you allow and promote songs like ‘W.A.P’? Seems a lil sus.”


Belle taking a selfie to promote her adult theme content

Credit : LaDbible, Google


The Team YouTube Twitter account replied to Belle’s tweet and asked her to provide them the URL of her YouTube channel so that they can look into the matter further, although it’s unclear whether Belle can return to the platform. Her channel at the time had over 2 million subscribers when it was deleted, and all her content has been removed from the site.

Belle Was Also Previously Banned From Instagram

Belle’s first time being banned on a social media platform was also due to explicit content, and the first platform that banned her was Instagram.

The content that she creates revolves around promoting her OnlyFans, and most of her content features promotions for her explicit content, which often draws a questionable line with many of these platforms’ policies on nudity and sexual content.

In a Reddit post, one user shared a screenshot that they claimed was from their friend “Noah,” who reported Belle’s account for nudity and pornography. In the same screenshot, Instagram responded to the report, notifying the user that the account has been taken down.

Other users also claimed that they reported her account, with some alluding that it was done in the hopes she would fully transition to adult theme content only.

Her IG account had more than 4 million followers, and since it was removed there has been no indication from Belle to return to the platform. Right now, she only has social media profiles on Twitter, OnlyFans, and Patreon.

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