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Bella Poarch Opens Up About Her Depression And Anxiety Struggles

Bella Poarch (23) is one of those Tik Tok stars who gained massive popularity and recognition literally overnight. Her account suddenly became this huge platform where she was not only able to post short video clips for fun, but also make a fairly good living online. But what many of her fans and followers do not know is the fact that Poarch used to fight with severe depression, posttraumatic stress syndrome and anxiety-related issues daily before entering the video-sharing platform. As of today, the Tik Tok influencer has opened up about her struggles and thanked her fans for always supporting her no matter what the circumstances.

The Girl With The Most Liked Tik Tok Video

Who would have thought that the likeable character from Tik Tok’s all-time most liked video, would be fighting with things like depression and posttraumatic stress syndrome? Bella Poarch is most known for her zoomed-in lip sync videos and has recently come out as a depression and anxiety sufferer. While the influencer hasn’t specified if she’s been diagnosed with the previously mentioned illnesses clinically, her statement gets really deep and emotional, revealing even her darkest times.

Worrying About Paying Her Rent And Bills

Poarch started off by saying and we quote:’’I wanted to take some time today to say thank you to Tik Tok. Before any of this happened to me, I was in a really dark place.’’ She then continued by saying:’’ It was getting really tiresome to fighting over and over with those two things … plus having to worry about rent and bills every single day.’’ What’s interesting is that Bella actually used to serve in the US Navy for three years before doing Tik Tok. So we can only imagine how hard it must have been for her to cope with her depression struggles while serving her country.

She Felt Hopeless And Planned To Give Up

Bella’s latest post regarding her mental health issues has brought up a very important topic amongst her peers as she mentions having felt quite hopeless and planning to give up. What we can assume from Poarche’s statement is that she was definitely referring to feeling not only beyond upset but near suicidal. This part of Bella’s publication, which was posted on social media including Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter, got fans very worried. The 23-year-old Tik Toker also managed to reveal that she is still struggling with her mental health on a day to day basis. We feel you, girl!

Don’t miss out on Bella’s full statement on her Tik Tik account- It sure gets very emotional, so make sure to leave an uplifting message for the thriving creator to see!


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Poarch Thanks Tik Tok And Her Followers

The popular lip-syncer also made sure to thank her fans and the app itself for changing her life and ensuring that the arsenal of the things that keep her going is now very different to what it used to be. Bella said and we quote:’’ And I want to say thank you to Tik Tok for changing my life, but most importantly, saving it.’’ It’s needless to say that Bella’s fans and fellow Tik Tokers took the chance to support the influencer in her comments section next to the emotional message posted online. Here’s what they had to say:

Poarch Thanks Tik Tok And Her Followers


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