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Arrest Rumor That The TikTok Vegan Teacher Is In Jail Right Now

After going viral for her videos about promoting a vegan lifestyle, self-proclaimed animal activist Kadie Karen Diekmeyer has become a TikTok sensation. To inspire people to go vegan and preserve animals, is the reason the former elementary school teacher uses the platform.

The Vegan Instructor has gained more than 1 million followers, as she is known on TikTok.

That Vegan Teacher in one of her TikTok videos trying to convince viewers on why they should become vegan

Her approach to “educating” followers on the benefits of being vegan and its nutritional value has, however, been questioned. While songs are often used by that vegan instructor to get her message across, her tunes are littered with profanity. She has also accused those who eat meat of encouraging “murder.”

In January 2021, reports surfaced on the internet that the Vegan Teacher was going to prison. So, are the rumors true?

Why Is That Vegan Teacher Going To Jail? Is She Genuinely Arrested?

There was a story about That Vegan Teacher saying she had been arrested. The speculation began after The Vegan Instructor apparently poked fun at a commentator who reported that her friend died after going vegan, according to a YouTube video.

That Vegan Teacher addressing the arrest rumors

Watch the TikTok video That Vegan Teacher made about being arrested:

“Wait a damn minute is That Vegan Teacher actually in jail,” one person asked. Another individual tweeted, “So I saw on TikTok that the vegan teacher is ALLEGEDLY going to jail because in Canada is illegal to call urself a teacher if [you’re] not [one]. So if she’s going or is in jail.”

Another added, “I got great news the vegan teacher who forced people to be vegan said that people who eat meat should go to hell said false information like ‘God is vegan, Veganism is a religion and scared kids’ is gonna be arrested I bet she gonna eat meat in jail.”

Click on the link below to watch a TikTok video of That Vegan Teacher answering a commenter’s question:

On Jan. 21, That Vegan Teacher denied that she was arrested or in jail. “Apparently I’ve been arrested … Apparently I’m in jail … Apparently there’s some article about me in the Daily Mail,” That Vegan Teacher sang in the video. She also told everyone to “stop freaking out” and remain calm, adding that followers should go check out her free documentary, Dominion.

That Vegan Teacher On TikTok Roasted Chef Gordon Ramsay

In another viral video, Miss Kadie put her singing skills to use by performing a song about Chef Gordon Ramsay. “Eating animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay. Hurting animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay. Share this song, Gordon Ramsay,” she sang.

Known for his clever comebacks, Gordon decided to “duet” with That Vegan Teacher on TikTok and stuffed his with lettuce before switching to a beefy burger. “Beef burgers were consumed while making this TikTok,” he captioned the clip.

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