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Arielle Charnas and Her Covid-19 Controversy

Something Navy influencer and founder Arielle Charnas had one of the most explosive influencer controversies of the year due to the handling of her positive coronavirus diagnosis.

She first made headlines in mid-March when she used her connections to get a Covid-19 test while there was a shortage of tests across the country. After she documented the whole process in her Instagram Stories, social media exploded and caused a massive uproar between her followers.



Arielle Charnas posing for a photoshoot

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The influencer informed her 1.3 million Instagram followers that she tested positive for Covid and listed the ways that she would be handling her diagnosis, including quarantining and self-isolating and notifying family and friends that she had been in close contact with over the last two weeks.

Charnas Went Against Covid-19 Regulations

Charnas went against quarantine and self-isolation guidelines set by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention for those with the virus, after she decamped with her family to the Hamptons just a few days later when she tested positive for Covid.


Charnas decamped to Hampton's

New York Post, Google

Several media outlets called out Charnas for her disregard of health and safety measures while she received an immense amount of backlash from her followers for posting on Instagram and showing how she was taking walks around her neighbourhood and her nanny taking care of her kids.

Addressing The Controversy

In a 10-post slideshow and a tearful video on her now-private Instagram, Charnas addressed the controversy and apologized for hurting or offending anyone with her actions.

In the 10-post slideshow and tearful video, she explained that she initially began posting her health updates to “share with my followers what I was feeling in case it could possibly help others get in touch with the right health professionals or know they were potentially contagious.

She explained in her post that her family quarantined themselves in their Manhattan home for 14 days since they first started experiencing symptoms and only left for the Hamptons after receiving their doctor’s permission.

She also stated that her daughters’ nanny was also sick and decided to stay with the family to not infect others.

Charnas wrote in her post, “All around the world we are learning to adjust to the realities of life during a pandemic and my family has made the decision to do so in the Hamptons. I know that a lot of New Yorkers have made the decision to do the same and that this decision has faced legitimate criticism in it’s own right.”

She also wrote, “I can only speak for my family when I say that our standing concern lies in whether or not we are continuing to put others at risk.

Despite the backlash and controversy, Charnas went on to launch her stand-alone “Something Navy” fashion label and has since released two collections under the label.


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