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Amanda Ensing Addresses Being Dropped By Sephora

Even though the first week of February has barely taken off yet, another beauty influencer’s world is being torn apart by the very toxic cancel culture trend. Sephora has recently announced that they will no longer be working with social media personality and beauty blogger Amanda Ensing (29) due to the differences in their values around inclusivity. What has prompted the popular beauty retailer to take such action? And what is Amanda’s response to being dropped by one of the biggest beauty companies in America? Keep scrolling to learn more!

Called Out For Supporting A Dangerous MAGA Group

It appeared to be brought to Sephora’s attention that Ensing could allegedly be involved in supporting a dangerous MAGA (Make America Great Again) group. The statement was made public by a Twitter user (@raysour) on January 30th. The person wrote, and we quote:’ Didn’t love Sephora before but after seeing you sponsor Amanda Ensing, a supporter of the dangerous MAGA group, I’m out.’

Sephora’s representatives didn’t take too long to answer in their defense insisting that Amanda’s recently shared content indeed doesn’t quite align with the brand’s vision and/or values. See Sephora’s tweet below:

Sephora Emphasized That Ensing’s Recently Shared Content Is Not Aligned With Their Values Around Inclusivity

Ensing is known for expressing her political views online quite frequently all over social media and has attracted negative attention because of it numerous times before this. However, her personal views and/or values have never affected her working life to this extent ever before.

Amanda Addresses The Complexity Of The Issue Via Instagram

It’s no wonder that Ensing was unpleasantly surprised when finding out Sephora had ended their relationship via Twitter and no longer wishes to be engaging in any future partnerships with her.

Amanda chose to address the burning issue via her Instagram account (@amandaensing) on January 31st. The twenty-nine-year-old beauty blogger told her fans, and we quote:’ Sephora has just now emailed my legal team to say that I will get paid if I stay silent about what has happened. I feel as if I was baited into signing this agreement under false hope saying they don’t discriminate when every comment they’re responding to has to do with my political views.’

The YouTuber also had a few questions for Sephora to answer such as are they going to fire all of their conservative workers in their retail stores, warehouses and upper management. This seemed to really highlight the problem with the brand’s style of communication suggesting that Ensing’s political and/or religious views are the reason why her programming has been ceased.

Amanda’s full Instagram video addressing being dropped by Sephora due to the character of her recent social media posts can be viewed below:


Taking Action By Involving Her Legal Team

Furthermore, Amanda described her and Sephora’s communication regarding the problem as non-existent. ‘I requested my legal team to contact Sephora to determine why they have chosen to cease all my programming and want me to remove my video. And up until now, we have been given no response,’ said Amanda.

Her last video collaboration with Sephora showcasing their beauty products was uploaded on her channel on January 30th. The particular video is still available for viewing despite Sephora having requested Ensing to take it down.


Other Influencers And Fans Join The #BoycottSephora Movement

Since learning about Amanda’s experience with the brand in question, other people, such as activist Courtney Holland and a bunch of Ensing’s supporters, have expressed their dissatisfaction with Sephora’s questionable way of communicating and putting the emphasis on Amanda’s political views being the cause of the problem.

Amanda Shared Courtney Holland’s Response To The Situation On Her Instagram Stories

Conservative women, who also happen to follow Amanda on social media, are cancelling their accounts with Sephora to support Ensing’s decision to make the issue public. People are also engaging on the beauty influencer’s initiated #boycottsephora movement and are more than ready to take their money elsewhere.

People Are Now Cancelling Their Accounts With Sephora As A Result Of Amanda’s Negative Experience With The Brand

Are you joining the #boycottSephora movement? And should Amanda use her rights to take legal action against the brand to prove her point? Tell us in the comments section – let’s chat!

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