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Alissa Violet Under Fire For Body-Shaming On Tik Tok

Alissa Violet (24) shared a weird clip of her half-naked body online recently, and people are not happy about the way it turned out. Although Alissa’s name hasn’t been involved in any influencer drama as of late her latest Tik Tok upload has brought her name back into the spotlight. Want to know more about Alissa’s little online mishap? Hypelyne’s exclusive insights are here and so is the hottest Tik Tok tea!

Giving Off Toxic Body Positivity Vibes

The support for the body positivity movement has grown massively over the years as social media influencers and even A-list Hollywood celebrities have put their best efforts into popularizing this thoughtful trend. But no matter how hard they try, there’s always someone who doesn’t have a damn clue about what the movement represents and stands for. This time around, it’s none other than the mega-popular beauty & lifestyle influencer Alissa Violet who has managed to spread very toxic body positivity vibes through her Tik Tok video-sharing platform. In the video, Alissa is showing off both the flattering as well as the unflattering angles of her body. And while the members of the body positive community are more than happy to welcome a bit of an innocent belly jiggle, it’s the way how the 24-year-old Tik Toker has to force herself to barely squeeze a single roll of her stomach out. Girl, that’s not how body positivity works!

Trisha Paytas Highlights The Problem

The particular clip has already reached more than over 4.5 million people and the first person to duet Alissa’s weirdly presented video was everyone’s favourite drama queen Trisha Paytas (32). Trisha wasn’t happy about Violet’s understanding of the body positivity term, so she decided to teach the fellow influencer a good lesson. Paytas said and we quote:’’This movement is not for people who have to do that to make yourself look ugly or fat. There’s a problem. It doesn’t help!’’ See Trishas full response to the Alissa Violet situation by clicking on the following link – https://www.tiktok.com/@trishlikefish88/video/6903588329774681350.

Fans Requesting The Influencer To Remove The Video

Most of Alissa’s followers made sure to let the influencer know that they agree with Trisha’s point of view on this particular topic. Some people even suggested that this video should be removed from the platform as it is giving off toxic body positivity vibes and making young, and impressionable people feel even worse about themselves. To sum up, here’s what other Tik Tok users had to say about the issue:

Violet remove the video in question from her Tik Tok account

Should Violet remove the video in question from her Tik Tok account and apologize for her thoughtless actions? Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to see Alissa’s controversial upload for yourself by clicking on the following link –


it’s all about angles baby

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