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After His Wig Caught On Fire, Rolling Ray Was Sent To The Hospital

After accidentally being set on fire, music artist and social media sensation Rolling Ray is in the hospital. Recently, Ray went live on IG telling fans that he was burnt on the neck, arms, and feet after his wig caught on fire, and that he also has face injuries.

“I’m in the hospital,” Ray begins in the live video as fans send messages of concern wondering what happened to him. “I got burned, my wig caught on fire.” He goes on to say that he’s in Washington Hospital Center and later on, a mask is put on his face to help him breathe.

Watch Rolling Ray’s IG live video by clicking on the link below:

Rolling Ray Won’t Let It Hold Him Down By Getting Fried

Rolling Ray in a YouTube video talking about the beef between him and Santana, JT, 50 Cent etc.

While it’s still unclear exactly what happened or how Ray’s wig caught fire, he continues to keep his fans informed about his recovery. He posted a picture of himself with his face and head concealed by bandages with visible cuts to his left eye. He captioned it and said, “It could be worst but I’m coming back! Surgery Tuesday.”

Then, he tweeted that he was going into surgery.

Ray hasn’t said anything as of right now about when he’ll be released from the hospital. But, because he says he just went into surgery on January 19th, it could be at least a couple of days before we hear about it. He said live that he was hoping to explain how his wig caught on fire once he has recovered.

Since his accident, fans and celebs have sent Ray love and support on all his social media platforms. He thanked people including Alexis Sky from Love and Hip Hop and the artist Saucy Santana for their support on Instagram Live.

For Comments About Jai Wiggins, Some People Call The Accident Karma

Although Ray is receiving tons of support, there are also lots of people who feel like this is what he deserves for previous comments he made about the father of rapper Yung Miami’s child. One half of the City Girls, Miami has a baby by Jai Wiggins.

During the summer of 2020, Jai died from injuries during a shooting. During a heated exchange, Ray told Miami to go “dig up” her child’s father.

Now that Ray has been in this accident, people have been on Ray’s social media saying that he got what he deserves for what he said. It also looks like he was throwing shade at her yet again when he tweeted in part, “See y’all soon, if this what Karma feels like she should’ve came harder because I’m alive while others still dead.”

Rolling Ray's "Wanheda" Instagram post celebrating Christmas

He also discussed the situation on the same Instagram Live, saying he is not sorry for what he said about Jai and that no one should tell him what his karma is. “You can’t say stuff like that out your mouth when somebody else is still dead,” he said. “Now, if I would have died, it would have been a different story.”

Ray goes on to point out people who are looking to rejoice that he is “down” calling the comments “messy.”

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