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Adelaine Morin Upsets Fans And Ignores The Pandemic

Vlogmas is finally here and so is unexpected drama! One of Youtube’s happiest characters, Adelaine Morin (22) and a bunch of her Youtube friends have been involved in a very controversial situation regarding their yearly Big Bear Trip. It might as well be one of their messiest Vlogmas events to date! Why are people so upset with Adelaine’s annual holiday trip? Read on to find out some of the juiciest updates of the 22-year-old influencer’s life!

The Worst Big Bear Trip In History

This year’s Big Bear Trip has already been named as the worst annual holiday trip as of yet. If you’re not familiar with the concept of this trip, it’s basically an all-girls getaway to the beautiful Big Bear mountain lake escape in California. For the past couple of years, Adelaine has been the one taking care of the organizing part of the magical event and inviting other Youtube influencers to join her. The Big Bear drama started off when Adelaine posted a video over on her Youtube channel (Adelaines Camera Roll) announcing that someone had pulled out from the trip last minute since Adelaine and the other girls weren’t happy about her wanting to bring her boyfriend along. Excuse me, look up the definition of an all-girls trip, will you?

Things Got Quite Messy Between The Girls

Adelaine’s decision to talk about the issue publicly took a turn for the worse when people started speculating about the influencer in question. Her fans accused both Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY) and Remi Cruz for making such poor decisions and leaving the group at the very last minute. Both girls jumped to their platforms to clear their name. Lauren (27) took to her Youtube channel to explain the situation and say that she was one of the first people to deny the invitation due to the health risks associated with Covid 19. Her comment unwillingly threw a shade at the other group members for not being respectful of the current pandemic situation. Remi (25), on the other hand, denied the rumours of her pulling out and said:’’To answer your question, it was not me please leave me alone now’’. The situation got even messier when Adelaine mentioned that the mysterious person is now requesting a refund.

Cancelled Over Her Ignorant Behaviour

And that’s not all the tea you guys! After complaining about the issue over on her Youtube channel, Adelaine has received tons of hate comments under her most recent Vlogmas videos. People are not happy about her and her group of friends being blatantly ignorant about the whole pandemic situation as well as being disrespectful towards healthcare workers. Morin also got called out for acting privileged in one of her Big Bear vlogs as she decided that it’s okay for her two open two secret Santa gifts meanwhile her friend Mia got absolutely nothing in return. It seems like the trip itself just keeps creating more drama day by day! We’ll have to do our best to keep up!

What do you think about Adelaine’s behaviour caught on tape? Should the influencer be more responsible and stop promoting non-essential travelling? Tell us in the comments section and don’t forget to see the video that caused all the drama in the first place – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAI3CXcanLQ.


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