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Addison Rae Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumours

Addison Rae is in the social media spotlight after fans speculated that the TikTok star is pregnant and the rumours have been going on since July 2020.

Addison has addressed the issue and shutted down the rumours of her pregnancy after weeks and months of rumours circling social media.

Rumours are all over the place that Addison is pregnant

Social media is running riot full of rumours about the alleged pregnancy of Addison Rae.
Speculations started in July 2020 after Addison took a two-week break from posting videos on TikTok and her fans thought she was expecting a baby with TikTok star Bryce Hall. There wasn’t much evidence supporting the pregnancy but that didn’t stop her fans from thinking it was real.

To this day her fans still won’t stop accusing Addison of her pregnancy even though there’s no concrete evidence to support the accusation.

Addison’s response towards the pregnancy

Addison took it upon herself and addressed the rumours back in July.

The TikTok account @chaliedamalio posted a video that went viral of Addison with her hand covering her stomach, captioning the post, “Is @addisonre … … … 🤰?”

Addison then again took it upon herself and replied to the video saying, “No just insecure.”

@chaliedamalioIs @addisonre ………🤰 ? ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – addisonre

The rumours won’t stop

Since July when the rumours started, it only got more and more traction and till this day the rumours won’t stop.

Twitter is being flooded with tweets everyday asking the TikTok star whether she’s pregnant or not. With little evidence and the TikTok star addressing the fake rumours, there’s no reason for anyone to believe that she’s pregnant.

Addison isn’t having a baby so there’s no need for her fans to speculate if she’s pregnant or not, because she isn’t and she shutted down the rumours earlier this year.


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