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Addison Rae Meets Top Skateboarder Tony Hawk To Master Some Moves

Who doesn’t know Addison Rae? Like literally – who doesn’t? This girl is one of the most influential Tik Tok stars ever known to this planet. Besides Tik Tok, Adisson has a huge following (4.25 million to be exact) over on her Youtube channel. That’s where she recently posted a video of her meeting up with one of America’s greatest skateboard professionals of all time – Tony Hawk.

Surprise, Surprise, Tony’s In The house!

The video is 8 and a half minutes long and shows Addison arriving at ‘’The Berrics’’ skatepark in LA where she is supposed to have a surprise meeting with the skateboard legend himself. Rae is more than surprised to see Hawk and admits that she might not know very much about the sport but has done some practising and can manage to do an ollie!

How About An Exclusive Custom Made Celebrity Skateboard?

The surprises are far from finished when Rae is greeted with an insane custom made skateboard. The skateboard is made by ‘’Chipotle’’ and is a rarity amongst, well, let’s just put it straight, regular people. This board is strictly celebrities only and even acts as a token for ”Chipotles’’ Celebrity Burrito Card, which literally means Addison getting a lot of free burritos. Yum!

Influencing Might Be A Better Fit For Rae

Tony is more than eager to see what Addison has upon her sleeve, so he asks her to try giving wall riding a go. The Tik Tok star proceeds and falls 3 times in total! The master himself is not ready to let this one go and shows Addison the way it’s done. After appreciating Tony’s masterful attempt, Rae seems ready to finally succeed herself. And she does it! Although her wall ride didn’t seem perfect, she managed to stay upright. Yay, girl, you’re almost there!


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