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Addison Rae, James Charles And Others Slammed For Blindly Supporting The Lopez Brothers

Following the allegations being made against both of the TikTok famous Lopez brothers, the online community is paying very close attention to all influencers who have collaborated with Tony (21) and Ondreaz Lopez (23) in the past. Recently, super well known social media personalities such as Addison Rae (20), James Charles (21) and Nikita Dragun (24) have been called out for continuously supporting the Lopez brothers despite the allegations against them being public since June 2020.

The Lopez Brothers Keep Denying The Allegations Made Against Them

In case you’re not too familiar with the subject, Tony Lopez is currently experiencing the legal consequences of the allegations made against him regarding sexual battery and emotional distress. Despite being involved in a lawsuit, Tony still hasn’t confessed in performing the legally punishable activities. Are we surprised? Not really!

Furthermore, allegations against his sibling, twenty-three-year-old Ondreaz, have been circulating online since August of 2020. Ondreaz, likewise Tony, has denied the accusations and even insisted on being molested more than just once.

The pair is now rumored to be as bad as each other. Tony’s and Ondreaz’s online platforms are being flooded with hateful comments as we speak despite being declared guilty by the law.


Allegations Against Tony And Ondreaz Have Been Public Since Summer Of 2020

Credit :@Pinterest

Influencers Slammed For Not Removing Potentially Sensitive Content

The particular situation is now trending worldwide and has attracted massive attention from the general public. People are currently slamming influencers such as Addison Rae, Jason Nash (47) and James Charles for not removing their potentially sensitive content. And by potentially sensitive we mean anything that entails the appearances of both Tony and Ondreaz Lopez.

Jason Nash, also known as part of David Dobrik’s ‘Vlog Squad’, and TikToker, Addison Rae, was called out for their video collaboration with the Lopez brothers titled ‘ Cooking Tacos For TikTok Celebrities’. Even though the video was posted nearly a year ago, the online community remained pretty strict. People blamed the pair for neglecting the importance of the current situation regarding Ondreaz and his brother Tony.


Jason’s Video With The Lopez Brothers Is Still Public On YouTube

Credit :@Jason Nash, YouTube

YouTuber Nikita Dragun was also blamed for sticking up for the Lopez brothers, due to her video titled ‘ The Lopez Brothers Do My Makeup’ still being available for viewing online. People were also pretty upset to find out that Nikita had referred to the Lopez brothers as her ‘bestest of friends’ at the time when the accusations against Tony and Ondreaz were already made public (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5p_0JFdwHo&feature=youtu.be).

James Charles Hurries To Erase His Connection With The Lopez Siblings

Opposite all the influencers mentioned above, James Charles chose to react immediately after being called out via social media. The makeup guru set his video titled ‘ TikTok Sing Off Battle Ft. Lopez Brothers & My Best Friend’ to private.


James Has Currently Set His Video Collab With The Lopez Brothers To Private

Credit :@James Charles, YouTube

Besides calling the influencers out and asking them to take responsible action, the online community also expressed their emotions towards the income obtained with the help of these videos. Some suggested the money should be donated towards the recovery of sexual assault victims in America.

Lil Huddy and Larray Performatively Unfollow The Culprits On Instagram

After learning that issues concerning the actions of the Lopez brothers weren’t going to go away, other social media personalities also made the decision to take necessary action.

Ondreaz and Tony were unfollowed by people like Lil Huddy aka Chase Hudson (18), Larray (22) and Hype House member Thomas Petrou (22). However, these actions were considered as purely performative by the general public.


Lil Huddy Performatively Unfollowed Ondreaz On Instagram

Credit :@Lil Huddy, Instagram

What are your thoughts on all these influencers blindly supporting both of the Lopez brothers? Don’t be shy and share your expert opinion in our comments section!

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