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A Video Of James Charles Fighting A Godzilla Goes Viral On TikTok

Amongst viral TikTok dance videos and adorably cute kitten clips, a crazy video of YouTube’ very own James Charles (21) surfaced online and totally surprised every single viewer. The clip in question is about thirty-four seconds long and showcases James fighting an animated Godzilla whilst sporting his bald head prank haircut. Oh, and being pregnant, of course! Totally unexpected, right? Feast your eyes on this one and watch James Charles on a mission to save our planet once again!

Powerfully Bald And Heavily Pregnant James Charles Saves The World

James Charles Viral TikTok Video
James Charles Viral TikTok Video

The clip titled ‘Godzilla VS Bald And Pregnant James Charles’ appears to be posted nearly five days ago by a TikTok user named @iheot. The creator behind this unusual TikTok account seems to be sharing different comedy clips, which are mostly animated and include the appearances of such online personalities as Larray (22) and Bretman Rock (22).

The ‘Godzilla VS James Charles’ video has already managed to collect over 1.2 million views and go as far as attracting James’ attention. But let’s rewind to the very beginning of this whole internet sensation and see what the hype is all about by watching it below!


Godzilla VS. James Charles 🧑🏻‍🦲 #bald #jamescharles

♬ original sound – ivehadenoughofthis

The Beauty Guru Reacts To The Godzilla Fighting Video

Although the video has been public for a while now, it’s popularity hit its peak on February 24th when Charles posted a duet with the creator behind the now-viral TikTok clip. And the numbers quickly escalated from there as the video then reached a massive 5.4 million views thanks to James sharing his amusing reactions to it.

Watch the twenty-one-year-old social media personality react to his very own comic book character beating up a fictional Japanese monster below:

Fans Request James To Join Marvel Comics ASAP

James’ impressive fighting skills, as well as his bold statements regarding him saving the planet and describing the unimaginable power of being pregnant, conquered the hearts of his fans. Some of his following even expressed an idea of the bald and pregnant version of Charles to join Marvel Comics as a main crime-fighting character.

See what others had to say concerning the viral TikTok clip below:

People Commenting Next To James’ TikTok Duet
People Commenting Next To James’ TikTok Duet

Is James’ iconic Godzilla fighting scene worthy of competing with the fictional characters from Marvel’ comic books? Have your say in our comments section – we’d love to know your opinions on this one!

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